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French interested in creating joint liqueur enterprise in Volgograd

At a meeting held between an official delegation arrived from Dijon (France) and representatives of the Volgograd Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jean Batto, a liqueur producer, pitched an idea to create a joint venture company in the Volgograd Region to produce liqueurs and spirits using the French technology.

Intentions to closely cooperate with the Volgograd Region were also voiced by several representatives of French companies. For example, the Burgundy University, according to its Vice President Samuel Mercier, is interested in joint efforts in the Region to promote business education and train economically demanded professionals. Katrin Petijean, the CEO of Mulot & Petitjean, General Director and President of Aliance 7, in turn, would like to study the Volgograd Region's potential demand for deliveries of confectioneries, juices and mustard products from France.

The participants of the negotiations concluded that fruitful cooperation might possibly cover many areas, but the implementation of long-term projects capable of providing maximum return to the both parties must be preceded by serious preparation efforts.

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