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Hungary wants to cooperate with Primorye in pharmacy and machine building

Entrepreneurs from Hungary are ready to cooperate with Primorye in four areas. This was discussed at a meeting held between Vice Governor of the Primorye Territory Evgeny Vishnyakov and Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Hungary in the Russian Federation Yanosh Balla.

The parties picked out crop and stock farming, power economy, public utilities, deliveries of industrial equipment and joint manufacturing as promising areas for cooperation.

"We are interested in creating machine-building plants in the region and we already have favorable cooperation experience, for instance, with Sollers. Furthermore, Primorye is implementing a program called "Clean Water" designed to upgrade water supply and sewerage systems and cooperation in this area will be quite fruitful," Vice Governor Evgeny Vishnyakov emphasized.

Today, according to Yanosh Balla, Hungary is ready to offer cooperation in several areas such as stock farming, pharmacy, construction, public utilities and machine-building.

Evgeny Vishnyakov and Yanosh Balla are confident that today's meeting will lay foundation for fruitful cooperation between Russia and Hungary.

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