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Belgians choose Cherepovets

A unique joint venture company incorporated by Severstal and Rutger Group (Belgium) was launched in Cherepovets on the 21st of September. It will be able to output up to 300,000 tonnes of products annually to be supplied to both the Russian market and foreign ones.

Rutger Severstar was built based on the tar processing shop of Cherepovets Steel Works. Rutger holds 65.3% in the joint venture with Severstal's shareholding being 34.7 %.

Electrode coal-tar pitch will be the core product to be manufactured by the facility as it is of demand in the nonferrous-metals industry as well as for producing electrodes, carbon and graphite items. Rutger Severstar is also going to manufacture tar oils for manufacturers of technical carbon as well as components for facilities manufacturing plastic masses and the construction industry.

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