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Czechs offer Rostov eco-friendly transport

Economic cooperation has been discussed between Sergei Gorban, the Head of Rostov-on-Don Administration, and Vladimir Remek, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation, who arrived at the Don Region's Capital in connection with a seminar which is going to take place involving Czech and Don based freight companies.

Sergei Gorban noted that the parties had already accumulated favorable cooperation experience. MTE KOSOVIT-MAS, an Azov based company manufacturing high-tech machine tools, is a good example of a joint production facility operating in the Rostov Region.

A new type of passenger vehicles may appear in the Don Region's Capital – electric buses. Such vehicles are of special demand to be operated downtown thanks to their environmental friendliness. A possibility of launching a site in Rostov-on-Don to localize electric bus production was proposed by Zlatica Rozpravkova, a representative of SOR Libchavy (Czech Republic).

The Head of the City Administration expressed interest in the proposal. Sergei Gorban also noted that such facility was not necessarily to be constructed in Rostov and recommended that the electric bus production facility be launched in Gukovo, being an advanced development territory featuring specific economic advantages, including for foreign investors. He promised that if the Don facility was built, then the city would mandatorily purchase its electric buses.

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