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European quality seed planters to be manufactured in Altai Territory

On the 9th of September, JSC Veles Trading House demonstrated a precision seeding planter manufactured by Italian MaterMacc S.P.A. for representatives of farming enterprises operating in the Altai Region and executives of companies trading in agricultural machinery in the Novosibirsk Region and Republic of Kazakhstan.

To demonstrate the features and competitive advantages of MS 8100 SUPER, the planter manufactured by MaterMacc was demonstrated in comparison with a precision seeding planter manufactured by another prominent Italian branded manufacturer and showed high performance.

It should be noted that there is a project initiated by Altai Agricultural Machine-Building Cluster, a non-profit partnership, under which enabling work is underway to master the assembling of the planters in the Altai Territory based on JSC Altai Agricultural Machine-Building Plant.

JSC Altai Agricultural Machine-Building Plant, a member of AltaiKAM Non-Profit Partnership, is a manufacturer of VELES branded machinery in the Altai Territory. The company's product range includes heavy and mid-weight spring harrows, disc harrows, hydraulic hitches (spike-tooth harrows), chisel disk machines, portable cremators, etc.

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