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Iranian Rad Sane to arrange composite gas vessel production in Ulyanovsk Region

Rad Sane Atti Industrial Group, a major manufacturer of composite gas vessels in Iran, is going to launch its production in the Ulyanovsk Region. An appropriate agreement was executed on the 9th of September between temporary acting Governor Sergei Morozov and Chairman of Rad Sane's Board of Directors Hussein Yaghounpur. The new facility is going to be hosted by a special economic zone.

"The Ulyanovsk Region is the most suitable site for our project," Hussein Yaghounpur emphasized. "Investors are very carefully treated here and their projects are comprehensively followed up. We are about to start and ready to proceed to the construction of our facility. Today, we have already received orders originating from Europe, Asia and Africa."

Aviation enterprises will become Rad Sane's main consumers. The construction is scheduled to be commenced in late 2016 – early 2017. The project is going to cost EUR 27 million.

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