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Chinese investors ready to build another plant at Volzhsky

The city of Volzhsky has been visited by a delegation from the Chinese People's Republic with a new facility construction proposal. The work involving the Chinese investors is being performed under a cooperation agreement that was executed in May 2016.

The Volgograd Region makes a special focus on projects featuring foreign equity. E.g. import substitution efforts made in Volzhsky have already resulted in the selection of a site to host a facility that will manufacture assistive devices for disabled people and hygiene products for children. Now, cooperation with the Chinese investors is increasingly growing as part of tackling tasks aimed to implement long-term region cooperation strategies set by the Governor.

Vice President of Tianjinn Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd Yang Sen has held a meeting with municipal authorities to discuss the construction of a plant that will manufacture sets of drilling equipment and equipment for underground well repairs and overhauls in the oil and gas industry. This is going to be an eco-friendly production that will create new jobs and boost budget revenues.

Activities in connection with this project have already commenced. The Chinese party is drafting specific proposals regarding the selection of an appropriate construction site and joint efforts are made to identify sales market and embark on enabling work.

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