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Smolensk Regional Administration and China Machinery Industry Federation execute cooperation agreement

A working meeting chaired by Alexey Ostrovsky has taken place at the Regional Administration's office with China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) which has resulted in the execution of a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by Governor Alexey Ostrovsky and President of the Chinese machine-building complex Wan Juisan. The parties also discussed their potential interaction in trade, economic and investment areas.

The agreement was executed to establish and develop long-term, effective and mutually fruitful cooperation between the Regional Administration and China Machinery Industry Federation in connection with the preparation and implementation of joint Russian-Chinese projects, including the creation of joint ventures in the Smolensk Region. Machine-building, however, is the top priority cooperation area for the parties.

Alexey Ostrovsky also described the advantages of regional investment laws and preferences offered to the business partners.

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