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Russia-Thailand Trade Turnover Rises

In 2018 Russia-Thailand trade turnover went up by 17% compared to 2017 and amounted to $2.6 bn. In the bilateral trade structure Russias export was two and a half times more t...


Saratovs Railway Wagons Went To Kazakhstan, Estonia, Ukraine and Lithuania

In 2018 Saratov Regions export of railway wagons increased by 57% and amounted to $53.25 mln.


Egypt Is The Leading Importer Of Sunflower Oil From Lipetsk Region

In 2018 Lipetsk Regions export of sunflower oil increased sixfold to $111.06 mln compared to $18.797 mln in 2017.


Ivanovos Textiles For Bedroom, Kitchen And Bathroom Are On Demand Abroad

In 2018 Ivanovo Region exported 799 tons of textiles for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom for the total amount of $10.64 mln and thus increased its export both in terms of value (...


The Republic of Korea Is The Largest Importer of Crustaceans From Primorye Territory

In 2018 Primorye Territory increased crustaceans export by 46.3% in terms of value and by 22% in terms of volume.


Who Exports To Russia Prepared Culture Media For Microorganisms Development

In 2018 Russia imported prepared culture media for the development or maintenance of microorganisms for the total amount of $38.65 mln from 32 countries and thus reduced import vol...


Russia Increased Mineral Fuel And Oil Export To Malta

In 2018 Russia-Malta trade turnover went up by 87.5% to $4.7 bn. In the bilateral trade structure Russias export was more than 153 times as much as its import.


Ethyl Alcohol Became Bahamas Major Export Good To Russia

In 2018 Russia-Bahamas trade turnover increase ninefold compared to 2017 and reached $41.9 mln.


Karelia Provided 64 Countries With Kraft Paper

In 2018 the Republic of Karelia increased the export of kraft paper and paperboard by 40.4% in terms of value and by 18.3% in terms of volume.


Belorussian Yogurt Rises In Price

In 2018 Russias yogurt import was 21% more than its export.


Russia top market for Turkey's fresh fruit, vegetable exports

In the first two months of this year, Turkey exported approximately $365.66 million worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, with Russia importing the most Turkish produce at around $...


Russias Export And Import Of Pharmaceuticals Containing Insulin

In 2018 Russias import of pharmaceutical preparations containing insulin exceeded its export almost fourfold.

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18.04.2019 Argentinian Mozzarella Taps Into Russian Market

According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, for the first two months of 2019 Argentinas export of mozzarella to Russia has went up by 89% in terms of value and by 92.4...

18.04.2019 Structural upgrade in exports, imports boosts trade between China and Russia

In 2018, trade between the two countries was more than $100 billion, according to data released by the Ministry of Commerce in January.

17.04.2019 TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM and Hermith GmbH develop cooperation in joint titanium production

In the course of the XI International Forum ATOMEXPO 2019, TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM and Hermith GmbH (Germany), a major European titanium supplier, have concluded an ag...



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18.04.2018 Pskov State University Increases Its International Student Body Thirty...

Higher education can be a profitable export business, provided the system is built correctly and qua...

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