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Turkish Investors exhibited Metrobus in Ufa

Metrobus project was presented in Ufa in course of a meeting between engineers of the Turkish company "Gursel" and the city management. They discussed construction of &qu...


Italian Technology will be applied to raise salad in Adygei

In 2016 Italian company "Alto More"  will implement salad raising investment project. Volume of investments is to reach about RUR 200 mln.


Lego Industrial Parks will emerge in Russia in 2016

In 2016 youth-oriented Lego industrial parks are expected to appear in six Russian cities.   Lego Company  will provide the industrial parks with its educationa...


The selection criteria for the residents of the free port of Vladivostok

The government established the selection criteria for the residents by the Federal Law On the Free Port of Vladivostok, which entered into force on 12 October 2015. The residents...


Turkish entrepreneurs explore the possibility to invest in Dagestan

In recent years Turkish entrepreneurs are getting more interested in Dagestan. Today there are several projects being implemented: a large-scale project of clothing manufacture by ...


Chinese company to build factory producing bee drugs in Ufa

Chinese company plans to build a factory producing drugs for bees in Ufa. The construction documents will be ready by 6 November to coincide with the end of the Days of economics a...


Turkish investors set sights on Krasnodar

A meeting with the business representatives of Turkey was held in the Krasnodar administration.  The Deputy Head of Krasnodar and the Director of Finance Alexander Mikhee...


Fazer will invest 14.4 billion rubles to expand its production in St. Petersburg

Fazer Group will invest 14.4 billion rubles in construction of a bakery plant in St. Petersburg. The corresponding project was approved at the todays meeting of the Governors Inv...


Mars spends about 500 million rubles to expand its production in Moscow region

Mars company plans to increase the capacity of its petfood factory in Moscow region by 2018. During the first stage of expansion, the production has reached the capacity of 75 thou...


French company to invest 150 million rubles in new hypermarket in Omsk

A new sports hypermarket may appear in Omsk region in the nearest future. French company Decathlon is going to build a 3,500 sq. m. store with parking and recreational areas. The c...


Finnish company to open house-building plant in Karelia

Finnish Omatalo Group is going to open a plant producing house components in Petrozavodsk. As the Board Chairman of the company Tapio Pitkänen told at the meeting with the Hea...


Italian investors will build 40-million cardio center in Bryansk

Italian investors will build a 40-million cardio center in Bryansk. Italian company The Policlinico Di Monza Group is ready to invest more than 40 million in cardio center in Bry...

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18.03.2019 Russia Increases Fish Export To China, South Korea And Japan

In 2018 Russias fish export went up by 7.8% and amounted to 1.6 mln tons. Export value reached $2.9 bn (+22%).

18.03.2019 Russia-Thailand Trade Turnover Rises

In 2018 Russia-Thailand trade turnover went up by 17% compared to 2017 and amounted to $2.6 bn. In the bilateral trade structure Russias export was two and a half times more t...

18.03.2019 Saratovs Railway Wagons Went To Kazakhstan, Estonia, Ukraine and Lithuania

In 2018 Saratov Regions export of railway wagons increased by 57% and amounted to $53.25 mln.



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18.04.2018 Pskov State University Increases Its International Student Body Thirty...

Higher education can be a profitable export business, provided the system is built correctly and qua...

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