Country Profile

Population (2015) 60.23 million
GDP (2015) $ 1.84 trillion
Exports to Russia (2015) $ 7,933.5 million USD
Imports from Russia (2015) $ 16,204.3 million USD


19.02.2018 Who Prizes Russian Furs?

Russias exports of ready-to-wear natural fur clothes reached US$2 million in the first nine months ...

09.08.2017 Yekaterinburg to cooperate with Italy and China in subway construction

A quadruple agreement on constructing the second line of the Yekaterinburg subway was executed at th...

09.08.2017 CMS (Italy) may choose "Titanium Valley" to host its product...

The Special Economic Zone "Titanium Valley" (Sverdlovsk Region) and the Italian co...

12.12.2016 Italians to erect meat processing plant and feeding stations in Bashki...

Luigi Cremonini, the CEO of Cremonini Group (Italy), has called Bashkiria "an ideal pla...

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