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LLC Special technology - the Russian producer liquid ceramic heat-insulating coating "Isollat" suggests to sign dealer contracts on advance and realization of our production in Iran and the countries of the Arab East.

изолат лого.png«Special technology», LLC, Russia,

Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region

Tel.: +7 (343) 345-27-27, Tel./fax: +7 (343) 345-27-26, e-mail: isollat@mail.ru, www.isollat.ru

Liquid ceramic coating "Isollat"

Isollat - modern hi-tech heat-insulating material which is widely used for isolation of objects of different function: industrial and housing construction, decoration, power industry, communal services, oil and gas complex.

Isollat forms a polymeric lung, a flexible, elastic and strong covering which isn't subject to burning, is steady against damages and provides considerable decrease in thermal losses from the isolated designs.

Paint-thermos represents viscous water suspension which is easily applied on any surfaces of irregular shapes and configurations and, after drying and polymerization, acts as a ready finishing covering.

Isollat is intended for heat-insulating and anticorrosive protection of thermal networks, the heating and industrial equipment, for protection of building constructions, facades of residential and production buildings.

The coating effectively reflects and disseminates radiation in visible and infrared light, possesses adhesion to the majority of materials.

Competitive advantages:

The covering effectively disseminates radiation in visible and infrared light, possesses adhesion to the majority of materials.

Application of a two-layer covering "Isollat" allows to reduce heatlosses considerably

The covering is successfully applied in combination with other heat-insulating materials (a combination "Isollat-Effekt)

A possibility of use in the wide range of temperatures of the covered surfaces (to +500 °C)

High resistance to influence of ultraviolet rays

Prevention of condensate on cold metal surfaces (pipelines, roofs, hangars, processing equipment)

Covering service life "Isollat" makes not less than 10 years without loss of operational characteristics.

Scopes (main markets)

Construction and reconstruction (thermal insulation of facades and construction metalwork, internal rooms, balconies and loggias, roofs, hangars, elimination of "cold bridges" and frost penetrations).

Power, the industry and communal services (thermal insulation of pipelines, gas flues and chimneys, latches, ventilating channels, processing equipment).

An oil and gas complex, the petrochemical industry (complex heat-insulating and anticorrosive protection of the equipment for production and transportation of oil and gas, tanks with oil products).

Food industry and agriculture (thermal insulation of capacities and tanks, production rooms).

Automobile transport (thermal insulation of cars);


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